Firstly, good morning everyone, this is my first post, and I thought I would cover a few things. A little about me, secondly the types of subjects I will be talking about, and finally….. Happy New Year!

So, first things first…I am Max Pogon, and like it says on the right hand side of the page here, like most people I have an opinion on just about everything. And just like most people, this doesn’t mean I am always right. But, hey it’s sometimes fun to poke people a bit to see their reaction. Is that childish? Perhaps, but given how some people over react when you disagree with them even just to test their belief’s ….umm… yes its fun. Anyway, more on me….. I am a single guy living in the US, and enjoying life. This blog is an experiment as I have never done anything like this before. I am interested to see if anyone reads it or finds it interesting.

I will probably be talking about the issues of the day, (politics, religion, showbiz) perhaps to an audience of zero, (but I am an optimist so hopefully more than that) I will also be talking from time to time about my favorite other topic. And that is cars. I love cars. I watch Top Gear. Read the press on cars and reviews. So I am a real gear head. Usually though I will be talking about the topic of the day. Such as the GOP temper tantrums, the Obamacare roll out (or lack thereof), TV news (come on guys get a grip) and anything else that crosses my mind. Thanks for reading and maybe even commenting. And have a great 2014


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