I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC, and quite frankly it depressed me. Not because of the people, I like Joe and his side kick Mika, but because of the quality of the questions being asked around serious subjects. Even when they have seemingly important and knowledgeable guests many of the questions were light weight and innocuous. And this got me to thinking. Does the press, in particular the TV press, let us down by not asking hard questions of their guests? I noticed this once when on Morning Joe they interviewed Scott Walker and essentially agreed with everything he said. See below.

Earlier this year I was in the UK, where a pit bull of a journalist name Jeremy Paxman was all over the case of a slippery political operative named Nigel Faraage of UKIP. Contrast this with the Morning Joe interview. I suppose the issue would not be as bad if it was limited to lightweights like Joe and Mika, but it’s not.

Fox news is the worst of course with their pandering to their audience. You’d think being pandered to would upset people. After all, we’re all grownups. But perhaps like Tom Cruise on A Few Good Men, Fox believes its audience cannot handle the truth. See below. Of course Sean Hannity is the absolute pits in this area.


Now Tim Russet was supposed to be a tough but fair interviewer, but unfortunately he died a few years ago. Where is the replacement for Russet?



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