What do the GOP and the EU have in common? Well to me it’s not that simple as the GOP has been wrong on so many things it’s difficult to know where to start. Forget gay marriage where one can disagree with a religious view. They are behind the country for sure in timing, but we could argue this one until the cows come home. No, what I am referring to are other bone headed views. Number one is health care. It’s has been written quite often that the republicans were saved from themselves by the recent court ruling on the exact meaning of a few words in the law that became Obamacare. I mean, what would YOU tell six million Americans who suddenly found their health care premiums had increased exponentially due to what was in effect a tax increase. Especially as the GOP had no alternative outlined.

Arizona Republican Party. Another democratic marvel

The other missed opportunity for the GOP is the recent ruling in Arizona that had set up an independent commission to monitor and approve redistricting so as to prevent too much partisanship drawing in a parties favour. This was approved by voters in 2000, yet the GOP controlled local senate said only they should be able to do this. The local GOP took this to the Supreme Court and lost. Once again, forget the so called constitutional view and focus on what is the right thing to do. The moral thing to do. Why is it that the Republicans cannot seem to to focus on what is the right thing? To me, until the GOP can get behind the right moral crusade, and I don’t simply mean abortion etc , I mean what is moral for the country, (such as a child mortality rate 50% higher than other developed countries ) then the GOP will continue to lose the moral high ground.

A Paragon of Democracy

Meanwhile the EU, that paragon of democracy in action is flailing left and right. Immigration. Illegal migrants. Refugees, Greece, The Euro. Grexit. Brexit. The list is endless. You can tell they’re really not family. More like work mates who have to get along, until a better job offer comes along.

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