So Greece is getting another bail out….sort of. But at the risk of total capitulation. What has been missing from all this is a true statesmen. Someone who can rise above the chatter of the chattering classes, see the Big Picture and not be drawn into populism so their egos can be stroked. If ever there was a place and time that needed a statesman, it is Europe. Now. We have the un-elected leader of the EU Commission taking pot shots at the democratically elected party and the leader of Greece. Meanwhile here in the US, we have Cruze, Carson and Trump (in particular Trump) in a race to the bottom for the GOP presidential nomination. I won’t bother to repeat what these guys have said as you are probably well aware, but the fact is words matter. And if someone is going to be President of the United States, you’d like to know that they know how to handle themselves in difficult situations. If all they can do is fly off the handle in some populist holier than though diatribe, then we will not be making the world a safer or better place.

Statesmen needed.

The way I see it, there are two Statesman job openings. One in Europe. It is not German Chancellor Merkel… She rates a Fail. It is not the unelected president of the European Union based in Brussels Jean-Claude Juncker. He rates a Fail. It is not the head of the European Central Bank nor the IMF. They both rate a Fail. So please, we need someone. Give Europe that, and we may keep Greece in the Euro and make Europe stronger. The other job opening is in the US. People say they they want straight talk. In fact Christie and others are falling all over themselves to be some sort of Straight Talk King. But what we really need, are not platitudes, but grown ups. People who know the world is mostly shades of gray and can explain they understand this. In other words, a Statesman. If they GOP had that person, they just might win in 2016.

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