I was going to title this post, “$6 a month for something I NEVER watch” but that would be a lie. Once in a while I watch ESPN and all its sister channels. Really only once a month on average. But regardless I pay ESPN over $6 a month for something I may never use.

As I now I have 1G fiber for my internet and I am getting a much better deal than before in a bundle, I was really thinking I could simply stick with Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix. But the trouble is I have no choice. ESPN and other channels come bundled whether I like it or not with channels I do want to watch. Such as the news channels, or MTV etc.

Bring me what I need my good man

The other day I read that between them, ESPN, TNT, USA, and a few others were costing nearly $12 a month all in. That’s well over $100 per annum for something I rarely use. Who in their right minds would do that for any other product or service. If I cancel cable, which of course I can, I would lose things I do want such as BBC, CNN, MTV, etc and every once in a while, yes, all those other channels. But I did a quick check. If I could go a la carte I would probably save close to $30 a month by paying only for the channels I do want. I recognise that the cost of some channels pays for others that might not be as popular, but then they would have to find a reason to exist.

At the very least the cable companies should offer more than the bundles they do today. They could offer a News Bundle or a Sports Bundle. The first company to do this would be a hero.




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