Sometimes its difficult to look in the mirror. We’re all getting older. Maybe a few more lines appear. You say they are laugh lines, just to make yourself feel better, But in reality it means you’re getting older. You have to face reality. Or you can refuse to look in the mirror. Be in denial. That works too. For a while that is.

What the GOP would see if they bothered to look in the mirror

So how does a political party manage when its up against the clock. Like the GOP, which refuses to look in the mirror for fear of what it might see. If it looked hard enough it would see more than a few lines. It would see the Angel of Death, The Grim Reaper and so on. While that doesn’t mean that the GOP will actually die, the GOP as it was in the 90’s and up until today really, was all about Conservatism. Now it will have to be “conservatism.” In other words, there is more to being a party than simply about guns, religion, freedom. It needs to include, health care, jobs and trade. Welcome boys and girls to the real world. Although you may not actually be here for very long. Someone is watching you.














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