I hate my iPad. There I said it. I am not an Apple lover. What is the attraction really? I wrote about this once before. How once, yes, a long time ago now, Apple was bleeding edge in design, look and feel, ease of use etc. But no more. I have an iPad, given to me by my company in an effort to prove how hip and cool we are. Well my iPad is neither hip nor cool. And even worse, not particularly useful. A few basic issues.

Not that great

Its too heavy. No wonder you need a stand/cover thingy, You cannot hold it for any real length of time without your arms or hands feeling like they;re under duress

The touch screen is great. Until you actually want to do some real work. The lack of a mouse makes even simply things like highlighting text a real chore

Why does the browser have a tendency to reboot a ssite with the words. “There was a problem with this page and needed to be reloaded”? No other device I have does this

Also, about once a week the device itself will reboot. Right back to the Apple logo. I have no idea why or if I did anything

Everything is ITunes all the time. It made me enter a credit card number even though I have never actually paid for an app. Just the free ones. I can skip this step on the Google App Store

Why are the speakers at the base? Why not next to the screen? I realise this is a common fault on many tablets, but isn’t Apple supposed to held to a higher standard?

But the biggest issue for me is that it just doesn’t make me feel more productive. A Mac or even a $200 Lenovo lap top which I also have (its amazingly light and useful) is much more productive. It wouldn’t matter if the iPad was only a few hundred dollars, but it wasn’t. They are expensive. I will not be buying one with my own money that’s for sure.

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