You may remember the short term life of any left wing talk shows who were decimated and didn’t take to the airwaves for very long. Conversely some of you may remember the failed attempt at a right wing comedy show. Clearly many right wingers do not have a sense of humor. Regardless, right wing comedy failed and left wing talk radio failed. I was thinking about this the other day.

No influence whatsoever.

While it is true that right wing talk radio has been financially successful for those talking heads and radio stations in the business, how successful has it been in actually advancing the right wing agenda? My short answer is not a lot. Allow me to explain.

Reagan and George the First were elected without any input from talk radio. Rush Limbaugh did not start broadcasting until after the election in 1987, He started a whole bunch of imitators from Hannity, Ingram, and many more. Think of the favorite topics of these guys, Abortion. Small Government. Health care. Social issues. blah blah etc. Now think about the actual results. Clinton elected twice. Bush elected twice. (But the GOP did not win the majority of votes in one of those) And of course Obama twice. Then think about their favorite topics. Have they made any impact whatsoever…. ummm.. nope. In fact from their perspective the US has actually gone backwards. Abortion is legal still. But others such as the size of government. health care, immigration, gay marriage, have all gone in exactly the opposite direction that they would have advocated. Of course left wing comedy is funny, but they have no influence either.

You could even argue that Donald Trump is the result of these failures. So why on earth does anyone actually listen to these guys???

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