I read yesterday that Bill Clinton will have a role of some kind in any new Hillary administration. See here. There are even stories around the clothes he will wear and the type of influence he will have. Of course he won’t actually be part of any cabinet, but he will probably have influence. I mean like him or not, he has experience. The trouble for me is, just like with the third Bush running for president, by the time voters got to look at Jeb! they’d simply had enough. And I feel the same way about Bill. In a way he would be the “third” Clinton.

Please. Not these two again

In office, then Hillary, with him at her side. And in politics I’ve noticed that three is not a lucky number. People get fed up. That’s why you have heard recently talk about very few parties win a presidential election three times in a row. People sometimes vote for change just because they can. And in this case, while Bill may think he is an asset on the road (too soon to say), I have a feeling that people will be “Clintoned” out. So Bill. Please stay away. I’ve had enough.

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