There was a time, you may remember not long ago when character mattered. Especially for the GOP. In fact it was a mantra. Bush W had it. Kerry didn’t (Swift-boated!). Bill Clinton certainly didn’t have it. Obama didn’t as he is a Muslim born in Kenya. There are other GOP mantras too over the past ten to twenty years. The deficit is exploding and we’re going to leave our children destitute. That one ran on for well over ten years. Bail outs are bad. Never mind they saved millions of jobs. Planned Parenthood is the instrument of the devil. The list goes on of course. Now that Donald Trump has won the nomination, baring any major event, all these once sacrosanct GOP place holders have gone bye bye. Now justification is the name of the game. “Well Hilary would be worse.” Or, “At least we can push Donald on the correct Supreme Court nomination(s).” As if nothing else matters.

Bye now. See you later. Nothing we said for decades means anything.

The issue is not Donald Trumps character, or lack off depending on your point of view. We know what he is. Its the GOP leadership and others who support the GOP leadership suddenly seeming to lack character. They used to complain all the time about Hilary the crook. Bill the Philanderer. In fact many still do. “We cannot possibly want those people in office.” Yet here they are standing behind a nominee who is all the things you’d think they cannot stand, yet are lining up, perhaps begrudgingly, to support him. The GOP leadership needs to grow a spine.

PS. I was going to call piece “The foolish GOP Leadership”, but I think “pitiful” is better don’t you?

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