Here’s a thought. What will happen to Trump’s supporters when he loses? Will they go back to voting for Republicans even though it’s against their own self interest? Tax cuts for the rich. Privatizing social security. These are hardly going to get more factories built. But clearly The Donald has tapped into some things that resonate; Trade that’s not fair. Immigration (build that wall!), and security (things are just falling apart). Needless to say he is wrapping this in the rhetoric of a twelve year old, but as I said, the message is percolating with part of the electorate.

So where will these people turn to when he loses the general election? I have no doubt that he realises he has tapped into something. And so do many others. Not least the Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon who is now the campaigns manager. Despite having no campaign experience whatsoever. Then there’s Roger Ailes who freshly fired from Fox News is now supposed to be giving advice to Trump. Of course, none of this advice will say to Trump that he needs to be in touch with his feminine side.

Definitely not the Holy Trinity

Add all this up, and these guys will forge a new media empire. Will they form a new wing of the GOP? Will they even start a third party? My guess is no, as its all about the Benjamin’s. On the other hand Bannon from Breitbart is a fan of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). And you get the impression he is aching to take his show into the airwaves and on the road. Perhaps they will form a new party to focus on a populist message. If they do, then the GOP is even more trouble down the road.

Or of course, it could be like UKIP, which was run by Nigel Farrage, who always looked like he was permanently drunk. So Trump with his Tourette’s will simply walk off into the sunset and have a large gun n’ tonic. Trump did say he was going to have a nice long vacation. But unfortunately he will be back. Meanwhile he is leaving a trail of destruction on the GOP (good) and on the country (bad).

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