Let me get something off my chest right up front. I don’t like Ted Cruz. There doesn’t seem much to like even if I tried. Seems to have good kids, a good wife, so I am not saying he’s bad bad. Actually yes I am. John Boehner called him “Lucifer in the flesh,” which is surly one of the best insults ever. In fact I wonder if Ted Cruz is even human at all. He doesn’t look it at times. But now we can dislike Teddy Boy even more.

He decided to announce he will vote for Trump after all. So having shown up at a party (the convention), insulted the hosts by saying their food sucked and he would not recommend their pie (so to speak) he now goes one lower and says… oops. Just kidding, I like you after all.

At least one of these is showing some character

At least one of these is showing some character

Remember Trump insulted Ted’s wife by comparing Trumps wife to Ted’s wife. Implying that Ted’s wife was ugly and Trumps was the exact opposite. He also hinted that perhaps, maybe, you never know, Ted’s dad was involved in the assassination of John Kennedy. How much pride does Ted have? Clearly not a lot.

The good news is that Kim Kardashian has said she has still to make her mind up. So all is right with the world.

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