Its over already. Really. Accept it and move on.

I keep reading about how unless Donald Trump makes changes, he will lose. Or unless he does well in the next debate he will lose. Or how he is damaging the Republican brand. Or, the on-line polls show Trump winning by a huuuge margin but no one cares.  And so on and so on. Lets change the tense here. He HAS lost. He has DAMAGED the Republican brand. There is no waffling to be done here. It. Is. Over! Early voting has already started in many states. Clinton might even have the race sown up before the actual election day. Can you imagine? Of course we won’t know, but given the state of play here, it is likely.

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

We already know the next stage of this process. A commission will be set up by the GOP to try and understand how they lost to Clinton! Of all people!! How could this be? Some eminently serious GOP wonks will huddle in a room and come up with a whole list of reasons why they lost. All seemingly very sensible. You already know some of them. Reach out to minorities. Have a sensible immigration plan. Focus on improving healthcare coverage….somehow. There will be some new ones too. Driven by Trump,  Focus on trade, but it needs to be fair. Help for the white working class. No more blindly talking about social issues. Standing up to China. And so on.

But in the meantime, as the corpse of the GOP rests under a blanket on the roadside. Please no rubber necking. Nothing to see here. Move along please.

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