I have said it before and I will say it again, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. But for all the wrong reasons. I am not shy in saying, and I have told friends this for years, that while the GOP likes to preach the mantra of self reliance and discipline, they don’t seem to be very good at it themselves. Additionally, they have, in my opinion, forfeited the right to govern with their irresponsibility. This quite naturally, caused my friends to tell me I was a Democrat and not an Independent as I have always claimed. My answer was always the same. I am an Independent, that’s why I cannot vote Republican while they act like a bunch of crazy people.

This cannot be happening. Is this over soon?

This cannot be happening. Is this over soon?

So, now we have Trump, The ultimate GOP nut job. Oops. My bias is showing. Let me change that to, the ultimate political nut job who just so happens to be masquerading as a Republican. But, unfortunately for the GOP, he is under their banner. Which means in the eyes of most Americans, he is a Republican. I wanted Trump as the GOP nominee precisely for these reasons. To show the GOP that pandering to crazy people is a very bad idea indeed, That the GOP can and should be a viable alternative to the Democrats without resorting to which bathroom someone goes in as the latest scandal de jour.

And Paul Ryan, who gets no sympathy from me, and is now tarnished for life with his Trump links, unwanted as they surely are, could have saved himself and the GOP with one line, even at this late stage,

“I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I am an American and father first. A Republican second. Donald Trump has proven himself unfit for office. He is NOT a Republican, certainly not as I know it. I urge you to vote down ticket for the Republican of your choice, but I personally cannot vote for Donald Trump”

If Ryan said this, he would actually save the GOP as he knows it. Not how Trump supporters know it of course. And he would prove that sometimes, you have to say just what you think is right in your heart.

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