Donald Trump likes to say that he is unleashed, or unchanged. Its an easy joke to add he is also unhinged, so I won’t do that. Well I just did, but never mind. I apologise. There is one other aspect of Trump being unchained. He has gone full Kraken. The sea monster from the Greek myth of Perseus, that under control of the gods, brings down terror and carnage on an ungrateful people. The people try to appease the Kraken by sacrificing a maiden. Of course this doesn’t work. and the Kraken brings down righteous retribution on the people.

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No Caption Needed

Trump has now gone full Kraken. He says if he loses, it is because the election is rigged by a global conspiracy of, well just about everyone actually including, for some reason, Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom magnate. Trouble is he is debasing American democracy in the process. Why for example, if it so easy to rig the election, and he is such a smart guy, isn’t he doing it? Or exposing it with real facts? We already know the answer of course. because he has no sense of responsibility, win or lose to the American people. It is nothing but a scorched earth, I don’t give a damn attitude. Which now seems to include his favourite surrogate, Ruby Giulioni.

But there is another downside of Trumps Kraken strategy, and that is he is helping to destroy the GOP. So the party he claims to support is being killed by its so called leader. He doesn’t seem to care though. In fact, it is probably a deliberate strategy; I go down, you go down with me. It is far too late for the so called grown up men of the GOP to counter Trump. Paul Ryan and others gave up long ago. Clearly “cometh the hour, cometh the man” is not something that the GOP is capable of right now. They are probably waiting for it to be over, then they will stick their heads above the parapet to see how much of the castle is left.

Meanwhile, this never ending election continues, and we all have to watch the Kraken wreck its carnage in slow motion, Over and over and over again.


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