About an hour ago, Comey, the embattled FBI chief stated that after examining the new emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, that no prosecution of Hillary Clinton was warranted. Now whether or not you agree with this assessment, I want to focus on the timing of all these announcements during a very intense election campaign. The fact that the FBI director mentioned the Feds were investigating the new emails, when there was no reason to suspect that anything was wrong, at that time, shows a complete lack of judgement. Lets not forget that Comey is a public employee, he has a responsibility to place the law of the land first and damn the consequences.

I cannot believe I am agreeing with Rick Perry

I cannot believe I am agreeing with Rick Perry

However, when the stakes are as high as any general election, then extra diligence is called for. In other words, if there was a potential for wrongdoing (ie classified emails on an unsecure server), then he should have quickly and quietly examined the contents, then finding no indictable emails, either kept quiet, or announced that they did indeed investigate these new emails and found nothing.

The irony here is that not that long ago, less than two months ago in fact, certain members of the GOP were calling for Comey to resign because he didn’t prosecute. They stopped that talk when Comey announced his new investigation. Of course.

All this means that due to Comey’s lack of judgement and sensitivity in this case, he should resign now.

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