I am sure Paul Ryan is a thoroughly decent man, someone who I would happy to have a pint of IPA with. But, there comes a time and place where a leader has to show he has gravitas, and not be deliberately vague about something. Trying to play both ends against the middle so to speak. Or as a Conservative icon Margaret Thatcher might say, “don’t go wobbly.” She once famously send this to George Bush about Saddam Husain. Somehow I can’t imagine Thatcher being vague about anything, but this is precisely what certain leaders of the GOP have done.

Trump attacks Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan votes for Trump. It must be opposite day

Trump has constantly attacked Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan votes for Trump. It must be opposite day

The GOP is always rambling on about how they want to be tough on this, that and the other. Crime. Drugs. Overseas despots, but apparently they draw the line at their own party, even when it is clear as day that someone like Trump should not be president. Sometimes it not so easy to be brave when you have the potential to pay a personal price. I hope people do not forget who these weak men (and women) are.

Paul Ryan who has now campaigned for Trump. Said he endorsed Trump, although he tried finagling not saying Trumps name when he announced he had voted for the “nominee.”

I sincerely hope there is some price to pay for people like Ryan. If you’re a Trump supporter, he let you down. If you are a traditional GOP supporter, he let you down. And if you’re an American patriot, he let you down too.

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