Yes.. cheers to one and all. This never ending, bad tempered election is almost over. Only a few more hours now and we can move on. Forget for the moment about Trump (I know that this in particular is really hard to do, but please try. You’ll thank me later), and Clinton. The fact is that this election has gone on for most of 2016. Even earlier if you want to go back to the start of primary season. There needs to be a change. Choose a member of the opposition in the year the party loses. He or she can be the face of the party for the next four years. In other words have the convention at the beginning of the new presidential cycle, not the end. This would help the “out” party by allowing them to try different themes, and if the worst happens, have time to replace their candidate.

Cheers. It's almost over

Cheers. It’s almost over

Of course this will never happen.

Secondly, even though the election is over, I have a feeling, that should Trump lose, then the GOP will become even more dysfunctional. Even more obstructionists. And even more angry old white guy. It would be wonderful if the GOP learnt you cannot alienate Hispanics, Blacks, Woman, and young people. It would be nice if they decided to take the key elements of Trumps message and made them sensible. Free trade if its fair. Immigration is not ALL good. Stop focusing on divisive social issues such as gay marriage when the rest of the country has move on.

Of course this will never happen.

And the Democrats. The fact that their traditional, (as in 40 years ago), voter, the working class, lack of degree, I am not upwardly mobile has decided that Trump seems like a pretty neat idea, should learn from this. They should move away from their lack of ambition to help the working class, and strike a balance with middle of the road, and ways to help those who have lost their factory jobs. Make trade about about bringing up the American Worker. Hillary will need to bend from 30 years of politics to go in this direction.

Of course this will never happen.

I do have some positive views though as I am a glass is half full kind of guy. Should Clinton win tonight, then Obamacare will be reformed. Not broken up. The fact that the Dems have let the GOP run this narrative for nearly eight years is far too long. They need to really explain what worked and what didn’t. I am also positive, that most Americans will come together and ignore many politicians with the contempt they deserve. Ted Cruz, please stand up.

Either way, I have confidence this country will survive both Trump and Clinton.

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