I went to bed early last night as I was up really early the same day. I went to bed semi-confident that Trump would lose, more than Hillary would win, if you follow my thoughts there. I was woken at about 2am with a series of texts from three separate friends of mine, all texting at the same time. Two were from friends in the UK asking what the hell was going on. The third was from another friend who is a Trump supporter, gloating (to say the least) that his guy had won. And he woke me up.. the bastard.

So many unlikely victories in a row

So many unlikely victories in a row

I do wonder though, did Trump win or did Clinton lose? My friends who are Trump supporters, really, truly, cannot stand Hillary. Yet they don’t particularly like Trump either. My co-podcasting buddy Mike Schussler felt that the establishments in DC needed shaking up, and used an analogy that he’d rather hire a sincere disruptor to his company than an insincere go-along. My argument there is that when you own the company, you can still fire the guy. In this case Trump is your boss, not your employee. And you cannot fire him for four years.

But here we are, in the real world. I admit today that I misjudged the Trump movement. I was wrong. But I just read that Cruz, the ever changing chameleon has said that Trumps victory is a victory for the American worker. Well that’s a first for him. I do have one thing to thank Trump for. Cruz will never be president. But, hey, I was wrong before.



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