I have many friends who are stalwart Republicans. Who over the years have told me that character matters. That the budget deficit needs to be bought under control. That the GOP is much better at running the economy. And that low taxes are very important. less regulation and so. In other words the usual GOP talking points. Now with Trump, it has become ABC. Anyone But Clinton. And never mind that Trump has ogled 10 year old girls, attacked the parents of a fallen soldier and been married three times and cheated on his wife(s). These character misses are no never mind so long as it’s not Clinton who becomes president

Hypocrite? Moi?

Hypocrite? Moi?

Which of course, for an individual is hypocrisy. Either character matters or it doesn’t. Either the points that have been raised over the years about various GOP policies matter, or they do not. In other words they were a convenient hammer to hit the opposition with until they were no longer needed. I understand that many, millions in fact could not vote for Clinton. I get it. I understand. But to say that she has more character flaws than Trump is simply ludicrous. Last time I checked she was not ogling 10 year old’s, or attacking fallen soldier’s parents. Nor is she currently being sued as Trump is.

The GOP is hypocrisy times ten. The deficit? Never heard of it. Spending on Infrastructure? Cannot wait. Not repealing Obamacare? Well I’m listening. Anti-free trade? Bring it on. No worries about gay marriage? I am with you. All of sudden everything is about delivering for the working man, although the best thing that could be given is a middle class tax cut, with an increase for high earners to help pay for it. But remember, deficits don’t matter. Tax cuts for all!! Happy days are here again.

And the leadership and well known GOPers are falling over themselves to back this up. Ted Cruz tweeted that Trumps win was a “victory for the working man.” Never mind that the GOP has been trying to kill unions for decades.

This is why the GOP is so easy to make fun of. They are an endless supply of funny material. From Rudy Giuliani arm waving to Gingrich’s own moral hypocrisy about Bill Clinton. During which time Gingrich was having an affair and then told his wife when she was in hospital he wanted a divorce.To the continued cartoon like characters from Bannon to Trumps hair. it would be funny if it all wasn’t so darn serious.

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