I have run into a few problems lately with my GOP friends. Mainly that while they view Trump as an idiot, he is no doubt better that than a corrupt president Clinton. My worry is that he will prove to be a corrupt idiot. This seems to be a major issue when he a) refused to show his taxes. We have no idea what ties he has to foreign governments. b) He is pushing back on disengaging from his business. This last one is the big worry. He could, in theory, let his kids run The Trump Organization. But, while they run it, he would still have a financial interest in the business. And like happened the other day when he met with some businessmen from India, he can still have meetings that pertain to his business, even when he is president. He claimed not to know what a “blind trust” is when questioned about it during one of the debates. I have absolutely no doubt he knew at the time what a blind trust is and how it works. He simply didn’t want to commit to anything.

Business as usual

Business as usual

Now you’d think there are rules against this type of thing. But in fact there isn’t. The reason is that no one has really had to worry too much about this before. So when Vice President Elect Pence says “we will let the lawyers work it out.” What he really means is that legally, there isn’t much to worry about as there are few rules at all. It’s the ethics of the whole thing that of course will smell bad. Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of corruption. Then, while he is president. has the potential to make this corruption times ten.

Now to be fair, I have had some friends tell me he actually hasn’t done anything yet. Well true. Except as I said we don’t know his tax situation. All we do know is that he has failed at many businesses, stiffed his contractors and loves Putin. We will see what transpires.

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