Today, Trump came out with an Orwellian rebuttal to concerns that he will have massive conflicts of interests with his business while he will be President. Responding to criticisms about this,  he said via Twitter (of course) “Legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. The Presidency is a far more important task!” Well the key phrase here is “business operations”. Nowhere does he state “business ownership.” And of course his kids will run the business. So no issues there then.

Could not have said it better myself

Could not have said it better myself

To be fair, he did say that full details will be revealed at a press conference slated for December 15th, but so far Trump has given no indication that he is giving up any ownership whatsoever.

Which of course means, should he, as head of the US government, have influence over trade or deals that benefit Trump Org, then his net investments in those business will benefit. This will not only lead to questions about his judgement, but at some point could lead to corruption charges and perhaps even impeachment. Why even have this as a (very) remote possibility? And even have it question one’s integrity. Actually I can answer this. Trump never expected to win. So he is going through the various stages of letting go of something he loves. But I will still takes bets that he will not let go. He just cannot do it.

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