I was with a buddy of mine in a bar the other night, a normally reliable Republican supporter who simply could not bring himself to vote for Trump. While we sort of meet in the middle when it comes to politics, we both agreed that currently up is down, left is right, black is white. And dogs and cats are living together. OK well that last one is from Ghostbusters, but still it seemed appropriate. The entire political landscape is La La Land. And I don’t mean Los Angeles.

First Trump claims he actually won the popular vote, if you remove all the illegal votes that is, who somehow miraculously all voted for Hillary. All his votes were above board and beyond reproach of course. Second, while raging against the machine in the form of voting is rigged in the US elections, he claims that anyone actually having the audacity to have a recount against him is “Sad” as Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate did.

Trump World Is Wonderful

Trump World Is Wonderful

Then there’s his rant against flag burning. Saying anyone who does this should be locked up. Which goes against the constitution. but never mind. Then there’s the…oh never mind that either. There are so many I am losing count.

We’re told we need to give him time to grow into the job. But this is it! This is Trump in all his glory. I argued with a buddy of mine that perhaps Trump is a mild sociopath. Someone with some empathy, but not a lot. Someone who cannot accept a win unless its absolute. A man with no grace whatsoever.

I wish him well. for all our sakes. But there is no way that I accept he is anything but a crass, thin skinned, small minded individual. Now he has made the GOP his own. with even arch Trump critic Mitt Romney bending the knee, the GOP owns him as much as he owns them.

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