Wow, no sooner do I write about GOP leaders acting cowardly against Trump, in particular his seemingly corrupt practice of having no intention of giving up ownership in his businesses (his kids will run it), or the fact that he seems have a Russia First policy Vs America First policy with his view that Russia did not hack the DNC. (Does that mean that he only defends Americans with his world view?) And in fact calling the CIA the Clinton Intelligence Agency. (OK he didn’t say that, but I bet he would have liked to), then two GOP leaders finally show some spine (not much mind you) in saying there needs to be an investigation into the hacking. Mitch McDonnell and Paul Ryan looked above their dugout to risk an ounce of their hair being shot off, decided that in this case they needed to say something and did so.

Which is which?

Which is which?

Both now support an investigation. Mind you, is this going to be a real investigation, akin to the Benghazi one, or a light weight one, carried out in some backroom somewhere by two interns and a cat?

Of course this wasn’t that difficult, as opposed to saying Trump needs to divest etc, but I will take what I can get at this stage. And then to top it off, Trump cancels his December 15th press conference on how he was going to manage all his business’s affairs while in office. I would like to think its because he realizes he needs to disengage, but I am not counting on it. After all, he still wants to be executive producer on the Apprentice. Good to see that man has his priorities straight.

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