I have argued with more than a few friends of mine, that Trump will not change his demeaning, sarcastic, low grade, two year old persona as president, any more than he did as a presidential candidate and president-elect. It just goes against his character. His amazing doublespeak on subjects such as supporting Russia, but not a fellow American. Or saying his supporters are hounded, yet he is the one often instigating bad attitudes against members of the press or anyone for that matter who has the audacity to disagree with him.

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It used to be that I would tell skeptical non-Trump supporters, how bad could Trump be? (this was during the GOP selection period). Look at how great his kids seem to be. After all they turned out OK. He can’t be all bad. Can he? So you’d think winning the presidency of the United States would be enough, and that Trump could learn to be gracious. But nooo. As an American, I want Trump to be successful. I have no intention of betting against my own country. But given that the GOP likes to set itself up as guardians of the constitution, you’d think they’d be all over Trump to clean up his act and use this as example for others. But of course not.

So will Trump be a success? Well he won the presidency, and I was way way off on that one. So I am hoping so, for all of our sakes. But, given he is playing the thin skinned game still, making fun of people instead of making a point. Not disclosing his personal relationships with Russia or his taxes. He will keep going as he is. Therefore he is probably going to run smack into the constitution, within a few months. And the GOP will lose yet another step on their legitimacy ladder. The others being character counts. deficits matter, and so on.

So, the question really is not will he. But when will he run into the constitution. It’s only a matter of time. Unless of course the Republicans decide that’s no longer important and lose even more of their self respect.

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