Well now. Despite everything we’re still here. Some of us anyway. It seems that 2016 was a bad year if you are a pop star of some kind. We lost David Bowie, Prince and now on Christmas day, George Michael. To top that all off, we have Thin Skinned Trump who will shortly be sworn in as president of the United States. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe he won fair and square. The Dems could not overcome the fact that Trump, despite all his flaws, which it seems now people recognised after all, at least felt that he was talking to them.

Cometh the hour cometh the troll

Cometh the hour cometh the troll

The trouble of course is.. now what? Trump Tweets as he cannot help but respond to any slight. No matter how small. The Twitter Man within Trump is a nonstop whirling dervish of arm waving knee jerk reactions. If I was a politician who wanted to get under Trumps skin, and make a point at the same time, I would constantly be after him day in day out until he cannot take it anymore and explodes in a sudden flash of impulsiveness.

It’s OK for a regular politician to do this, but for a president to be continuously responding would surely sully his reputation even more than it is. Hell, he cannot even get any decent celebrities to show up at his inauguration. Now he says he never wanted them anyway. But we know this is a lie. Coming as it does from a man who has courted celebrity since before he could walk.

So would someone out there in Twitterland be a Trump troll? Every day call him on something. He may not respond. He may be told by his advisers don’t do it. But my guess his he will. Given enough provocation. We already know wha he is. And goodness knows he will remind us day in and day out. But lets push him 24/7.

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