If you listen to latest Mike and Max’s latest podcast, you will hear that Mike makes the point that his new year’s resolution will be, in fact has been for many years, to do the right thing. Where possible. Mike is the first to admit that this is not always the easiest thing to do, and in fact he might fail more that once. Hence the get out of jail “where possible.” But I told him that I would take that too as a resolution. I thought it was as good as any, and probably better than most.

He may or may not. But I know I do

He may or may not. But I know I do

Then on New Year’s Day I was having a beer with a friend of mine, and naturally we were talking about Trump, when he said even though he didn’t vote for Trump, he was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although having said that, he thought he was sociopath (someone with little empathy. NOT a psychopath please note). And Mike on previous podcasts has said that even though he voted for Trump, he did think Trump was an “idiot.” Thanks Mike.

Anyway another new years resolution for me, is NOT to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. He has not earned even that. I want any president to help the country, and maybe Trump will surprise me, but I am not willing to cut him any slack. Any man who ogles a ten year old girl ,and tells her mother he will be dating her in ten years, or attacks the grieving parents of a dead soldier, does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. And that’s just two. And quite frankly I think he’s unfit for office. So my second resolution is to call Trump out any time, on any issue. Count on it.

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