The man is a never ending source of bemusement and wonder. Why does he feel the need to respond to Meryl Streep? Or state that the Apprentice has gone down hill since he left? These are rhetorical questions. It’s simple. It’s because Trump is a classless human being. Sad! A classy person would simply ignore the slings and arrows thrown at him, especially as he thinks these people are lower than him. Which is ironic of course as by responding at all, he shows how much lack of class he has.

Not Trump

Not Trump

And the ultimate irony is, all his life is about showing he has class, but he fails at just about every turn to prove it. A  gold plated penthouse does not mean class.

Naturally this wouldn’t be so sad if he meant well, stood up for all Americans, (not just those who say how great he is), and had a coherent view of the world.

Speaking of coherent views, The Wall Street Journal has taken a pass at saying they will call Trump a liar if he is caught in a miss-truth. Their view is that they cannot say he lied, because he may not have known what he was talking about, so therefore he didn’t mean to mislead. Say what?

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