I am sure some of you beleive I have it in for Donald Trump. I am told time and again that the man isn’t even in office yet, so cut him some slack. Well I won’t and I cannot. I have listed before why not, so I won’t do it here again. But, as President, I hope he does the country well. He will not do the country proud though. That is simply not going to happen. We seem to have elected a fool. A court jester. My buddy Mike from the Mike and Max podcasts has said the same thing. And he voted for the man. But then he turns around and says he would do so again! When I ask Mike and others how long they will give Trump, the consensus is between three and six months. So we will see. Will he drain the swamp or poison the well? My guess is the latter. And I am optimist! Ask me if a glass is half full or half empty I will say its overflowing. But in the case of Trump, I am not optimistic.

It's all about me

It’s all about me

So we’re only a few days away from Trumps being #45. Expecting him to change once in office is naive. And neither it seems will the GOP who are hiding behinds Trumps bad behavior. Case in point. Today it was announced that if the GOP repeals Obamacare without any replacement, then potentially 18m people could lose healthcare coverage. 18m!! Let that sink in for a minute. Now Trump has said he will have a new health plan that is cheaper and covers many more people than Obamacare. Naturally he didn’t explain it in any detail as he more than likely made it up on the spot. But never mind. it will be wonderful.

Meanwhile the GOP is in full enablement mode. Therefore I no longer want to hear these things still matter to the GOP:

1) The deficit. Trumps tax cuts will make this far worse.
2) Pro-life. The GOP is the pro-birth party. To hell with what happens to the child after they are born
3) Pro-trade. No elaboration needed on this one
4) Character counts. Clearly not
5) The constitution is sacrosanct.

I wish someone would have hypocrite of the month awards. The GOP would clean up.

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