I was going to sit down this morning and enjoy a nice quiet breakfast, except I can’t just yet, as I feel compelled to put pen to paper, or at the very least, keyboard to the cloud. Donald Trump’s team seems to continue to live in an alternative universe. What sparked it all off was when it became clear that less people were in DC for Trumps inauguration than Obama’s first inauguration. I mean, anyone with a brain can see that in the photographs. Unless of course you are Trump. This could not be allowed to happen.

Our very Own Comical Ali

Our very Own Comical Ali

He immediately when on the attack, claiming the media was at war with him for saying less people for there for the ceremony than Obama’s. Then to top it off, he sent his soon to be hapless spokesman Sean Spicer out to claim it was all a pack of lies and the press should be ashamed of themselves. Remind you of anyone? I wonder how long poor old Sean will be able to stand doing his job? I wonder if he knew what he was letting himself in for. Of course to top it off Kellyanne Conway, who has no shame whatsoever, suggested all he was doing was presenting “alternative facts”. Not sure how that works but it sounds amazing.

On a happier note, I was able to drive a new Aston Martin DB11 Thursday. If you have the means, I highly suggest you grab one,

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