It’s difficult to believe, but Trump and his team have only been office since before lunchtime Friday, but already it seems like two years. Mainly because they either had to pick fights, or felt they needed to respond to any slights, suhc as how many people were actually at Trumps inauguration. As I written before, Trumps press secretary Sean Spicer may find himself resigning before he is fired if only to maintain a modicum of self respect. After all there are jobs he may want after Trump. And he needs at least some credibility. He does not want to be known as our Baghdad Bob. So given how dysfunctional this whole thing is already, his Trumpgate shenanigans will soon be forgotten, only to be replaced by another major Trumpgate. We may need a cataloging system just to keep track.

'Nuf said

‘Nuf said

Meanwhile, Trump is out to try and gut Obamacare without stating exactly what it would be replaced with. And now it appears the so called pro-life Republicans are in fact going to send 43,000 Americans a year to an early grave. Trumpcare is going to become an oxymoron. Way to go guys. I trust you can sleep well at night.

Finally, it seems that Trump has absolutely zero intention of releasing his taxes despite pledging to do so after a so-called audit was over. And we  haven’t even covered the constitution and Trump. Hell, we don’t even know if he signed that massive list of paperwork his embarrassed looking lawyer had to present to Trumps press conference the other week. Still he does give me something to write about.



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