I have not been writing as much lately, as I have been pod-casting, and as much as I hate to admit it, writing thoughts down is always harder than simply speaking into a microphone. But today is different. Today, August 15th 2017 we have a president who is out of control. As much as I thought that President Trump would not go any lower. And as much as I hoped he would really try to drain the swamp, I have now concluded we have a president who IS the Swamp. He is in fact a runaway president.

Look at what happened at today’s press conference. Scheduled as a talk on infrastructure it denigrated into a slinging match by president Trump. He blamed the press. He blamed counter protesters at the Charlottesville march. He blamed everyone except himself for continuing this argument. He didn’t offer words to calm things down. He offered words to rev things up. It was a petulant child’s display, a tantrum. He was howling at the moon. Clawing at the carpet. Scratching at the walls.

During the press conference Trump said that Washington was a slave owner, and asked if statues to Washington should be removed in a similar fashion to Robert E. Lee. There is a huge difference. Last time I checked Lee fought against the abolition of slavery. And why is Trump defending the demonstrators at all? It’s an easy win for him to stay quiet after the words on Monday. Heal the wounds and move on. But he cannot do it. He is incapable.

Earlier in the day he had Tweeted, and then deleted an image of a CNN logo with the body of a man being run over by a train. Is this how we expect a president to behave? He is at war with anyone and everyone. The press. CEO’s. The GOP. Even his own voters.

What about Trumps policies? What about infrastructure? Ostensibly what that’s what today’s sessions was about. Now that is all lost, in a tiny, whiny petulant president. Will Trump State Media, Shaun Hannity realise that Trump is not doing anything at all for his viewers and the country Hannity claims to love? After all he always wears his flag pin. It must mean something? Perhaps not. Will Paul Ryan finally stand up and be a man of character and put country above party? Will Mitch McConnell? Will the so-called religious right, who I thought stood for Christian values and character, stand up and say Trump is out of control, and flat out wrong?

Trump repeated in no uncertain terms what he said on Saturday. Clearly, he didn’t mean what he read out on Monday. Trump will now struggle to get anything accomplished and Trumps voters will be the worse off for it.

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