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Finally Exposed: The Source Of The Deep State

Max is solo as Ginger is still on vaca after Thanksgiving, which means Max gets to talk about his favorite topics of tariffs, healthcare and politicians.

The source of the Deep State

Eventually though Max gets to the crux of the show which is the source of the Deep State, and Donald Trump is right to feel persecuted. Max also hopes he receives a Pulitzer for his work in uncovering this vast conspiracy.

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The Super Emergency Totally Random Edition

Max has been without is partner-in-crime, Ginger McCaffrey for a month, and it shows, as when eventually she returns to the airwaves. Even though they have plans to talk about one topic in detail, in this case, “do we need unions,” Ginger spends so much time venting on air about what she has missed, that they never get to the topic of unions. Instead, they spend time on corporate taxes, Mayor Buttigieg, impeachment, emails, the Wall Street Journal OpEd pages, Fox News, Stuart Varney, and anything else that seems to crop up.

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Get Ready For An Amazing Statistic. Yes Really

Max is still on his own-some as Ginger McCaffrey is still off doing whose knows what, which means Max has too much time to focus on things that would not normally focus on. Which means Max has time to discuss a startling statistic regarding Trumps hours and days on Twitter, and playing golf. Max then gets to another GOP tax cut and how it would not work as expected.

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Who the f*** is Max Miller?

So, first things first…I am Max Miller, and like it says on the page here, like most people I have an opinion on just about everything.

And just like most people, this doesn’t mean I am always right. But, hey it’s sometimes fun to poke people a bit to see their reaction. Is that mean? Perhaps, but given how some people overreact when you disagree with them even just to test their beliefs ….umm… yes, it’s fun.

And while I will probably be talking about the issues of the day, (politics, religion, showbiz) I will also be talking from time to time about my favorite other topic. And that is cars. I love cars. I watch Top Gear. Read the press on cars and reviews. So I am a real gearhead geek.

Usually, though I will be talking about the topic of the day. Such as the Donald, the Democrats, not so loyal opposition, Fake news, Fake fake news and anything else that crosses my mind.

Max Miller – The Other “Cheeky Chappie”

Those of you who might be fans of vintage Brit humor (there has to be someone out there like that, doesn’t it?), you might know that my name is a tribute to the Max Miller who was considered the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation. That Max Miller was a rather naughty chap who entertained the British from the ‘30s through the ‘50s. Like me, he was called the “Cheeky Chappie”. I am, of course, much better looking and if I can believe, Dan, my producer, smarter and funnier.

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